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The most popular software in the world is undoubtedly the operating system which can be found in the forms of Windows, OSX and Linux. The second most popular is the office suite and with the very first office suite called Starburst, which included WordStar (Pictured right), DataStar and CalcStar. It is a far cry compared with todays Office systems.

Other programs like games, accounting, antivirus can be found on millions of computers along with dvd, music and photo programs.

On this webpage, we want to give you a small insight of what is available. We will be showing you the paid versions of programs but if you want to see the free software, go to our freebies page.

Freebies page

Windows 10

Denlyn Computers recommends Windows 10 for the lastest and continuous updated Microsoft operating system

Windows 10 PCs

Windows 10 is best on a powerful, modern device.

Windows 10 OS

There's a Windows 10 for everyone. Find yours.


Enjoy the latest Windows 10 features and security.


Microsoft Office

Get Office today. Choose the option that's right for you

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What else is there?

With so much software out there, you can have your choice of what you need or require. Unfortunately, we don't sell games but if you need anything else or you need help, phone us today to see what we can do for you

As above, we can help you with Operating systems, Office programs, antivirus and more but what about drivers. We have access to millions of drivers, new and old, so if you have a printer that requires software drivers or if you have a sound card or graphics card that you just can't get working, it could be a simple case of missing drivers. As long as they are compatible with your operating system, we may be able to help you.

Accounting programs for small to medium businesses, backup and utility programs and even Adobe products (Including third party PDF editors). In todays technology, most programs can be downloaded but sometimes they are too expensive and you never get the disc. It is always up to you so if you have any questions, please contact us today.