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The reputation of any business is fundamental in the customers mind. If a person believes that a particular business isn't very good, then that business loses that respect and trust. At Denlyn Computers, we have a strong reputation spanning over 20 years where we believe trust is the key factor in having customers returning and telling other people about our business.

On this page, we will explain everything about our services and what we offer. To start this off, we have a motto that very few other business have and that is, "If we can't fix it, you don't pay". Conditions do apply of cause and to safe guard both you and us, we normally do an inspection of the computer first to see if we can fix it. During this inspection, you aren't paying us as this is a part of the service. If it can be fixed, we get your permission and the work will continue.

If you have any questions regarding our services, please don't hesitate in phoning us so in the mean time, please read our disclaimer.

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Computer Repairs Computers repairs will be needed once in a while as most things nowadays simply don't go the distance. If you are having issues with your computer, don't put up with the problem, get it fixed by Denlyn Computers. We have been repairing and building computers since 1995 and with our experience, we can track the problem down fast. A faulty DVD drive may look like it is a sound issue or a RAM error but the real problem is the DVD drive. Don't pull your hair out, just bring it to us and we will fix it at cheap rates. $50.00
Upgrades If you have a tired old computer that has had the memory replaced or the hard drive upgraded, why waste money on the small details. For as little as $300.00 (Parts only - prices may change without notice), we can upgrade your computer to meet the requirements of todays technology. Upgrading is harmless and the basics are the replacement of the CPU, motherboard and RAM. We will require your Windows disc so as the process can be completed successfully or if you have a laptop, the rovery partition must be intact. If you don't have a Windows disc, then you will have to purchase a new license. We do backups of your personal files and photos only but if you require music and/or movies saved, extra costs will be involved as these take a long time to do. With the upgrade, we use your existing hard drive, DVD drive, computer case and cables and we give it a complete service inside and out. Call us today if you have any questions. $50.00
New Computers From budget computers to the top end i7 systems, we can either build or order in a prebuilt system for you. Personal computers is exactly what it means. Personal. We builds computers made to your exact requirements making it very personal for you. You choose the colour, the size, what you want added on and which keyboard or mouse suits you best. Our prices either match or are under the leading retailers making us very competitive in the field of selling computers. Unfortunately, we can't get everything as some prebuilt systems are exclusive to the larger retail outlets and our suppliers have no way of accessing them. So in saying that, we can build a computer for you that is better and more stylish.

Laptops popularity has dwindled over the past two years as mobile phones are dominating the market but mobile phones are limited with what they can do and if you want power, the desktop computer still rules the house on that domain. Laptops, though, are mobile, very powerful and very stylish. We mainly sell the business class laptops as they are tough and can handle a beating and once again, some brands are exclusive to the larger retailers. For a free quote on a desktop or laptop, phone us today or better yet, give us all your details through our online contact form and we will get back to you with a quote.
No Fix, No Fee As we are dedicated to our business, we also want to make you are not out of pocket. Our No Fix, No Fee policy is there to save you money and to save us the hassle of explaining ourselves on why we did this or that. When you deliver the computer to us, we inspect the computer first to see what the problem is and if it can't be fixed, we inform you and you then collect it from us. (If it can be repaired, refer below) This doesn't mean we will inspect a computer that is 20 years old but rather have a cut off time of 7 years. This time period is due to the fact that a lot of old computers are not up to date with the modern technology. As an example, try installing todays programs on Windows XP. The architecture of XP is old and hasn't been updated by Microsoft. If you are unsure about your computer, phone us and give us some details and we will inform you if it is feasible for the repair. Nil
Fix, Fee As stated above, if it can be repaired, we will inform you. In the inspection of your computer, it may take 1 to 3 hours to find the problem (Sometimes longer) in which you are not paying for that time, so when we do find the problem, we inform you, you give us the go ahead and we start the repairs. From this point, you are then being charged an hourly rate. In most situations, it only takes an hour to fix it but sometimes it does take longer and we will always keep you informed of our work progress.

As we are only human, it is rare but sometimes we have to keep the computer overnight. This can be found in situations of virus or malware removal as they can sometimes be very stubborn in their eviction. Once repaired, we give your computer a good clean inside and out.

Services If you live in a house or unit that is impeccable for cleaniless, you could be mistaken that your computer is spotless. Dust is everywhere and even though you can't see it, your computer is sucking all that dust in to attach itself to your fans, motherboard and vents. A cool computer is a happy computer and if you have a computer or laptop that is full of dust, then it will be overheating putting stress on all the internal parts. In as little as one hour, we can service your computer by cleaning it completely of all dust and making it runn efficiently. We will clean the fans, vents, motherboard and remove the dust from all those hard to get at places.

For one hours work, you can have a healthy and cool computer back. If you require extra services done such as keyboard, mouse, monitor cleaning, extra time will be required and yes, we even service laptops
For businesses requiring servicing of their computers, think about how many people use the same computer throughout the day. One computer and many hands makes it a very dirty environment, so to keep everyone healthy and happy, phone us today on some great rates.
Mobile Service That's right, we are a mobile service so we come to you. We don't charge any call out fees so that saves you time and fuel. Phone us or email us explaining the problem so as we have the right material when we go to your house and in most situations, we can fix the problem on site. Sometimes we do have to bring your computer back to our workshop for further inspection of the problem.

Our service area at the moment is George Town, Bridport and North Launceston. We do travel across the river but only as far as Rowella and Kayena. Our coverage does include everything in between but if you are unsure, phone us and we will tell you if that is included. Outside of these areas will incur a travel fee. View our service map for more information.

The service call out is free and if you live outside of this area, travelling fee's will occur but you are more than welcome to bring it to us.
(Depending on the nature of the problem, Denlyn Computers may refuse call outs)
Virus removal With a 99% success rate for removal of virus's and malware, we are very confident in saying no harm will come to your computer. There have been times when we have said to ourselves that we will not be beaten but alas, we are mere mortals in a cyberworld. Virus's are very rare nowadays as the leading antivirus vendors have now mastered and cleaned most of the world but they are still out there. The biggest problem are the malware files but you are probably thinking, isn't a virus more dangerous? Yes they are but they simply destroy where malware actually makes money for the petty thieves.

There are ways to determine if you are infected with malware and if you do suspect an infection, shut your computer down and take it to a technician (Preferrably Denlyn Computers). Here are some examples to watch out for.

  • ** Computer slows down to a crawl **
  • ** Control panel is inaccessable **
  • ** Your computer crashes every now and then **
  • ** Surfing is sluggish **
  • ** Popup adds start appearing everywhere **
  • ** Unable to access your antivirus **
  • ** Your browser keeps getting redirected **
  • ** You start getting ransom demands **
  • ** Nothing seems to be wrong **

Let's talk about the last one "Nothing seems to be wrong". Some types of malware actullay hide themselves leaving no activity. It's these little creatures that sit there waiting for a command to start harvesting all your personal information. "How do I know if I have one of those?" you ask. You don't so the best fix for that is do regular scans on your computer and always allow your antivirus to do the scans. These are rare but they do happen. If you feel or notice that you have one of the problems in the list above, call us today and we will explain more.
File recovery Having your hard drive die is a very unpleasant situation where all your files, music, movies and memories are lost forever. Well actually, not lost, just inaccessible. A lot of the time, your hard drive will give you warnings such as a whirring noise or clicking sound. Sometimes other parts of your computer maybe playing up and when you might think it is the sound or monitor or DVD drive, it is usually something else. So don't get all stressed as the first step in file recovery is usually painless and quite cheap. It's the second stage that will be a money breaker but we will get to that later.
Usually most people will use their computer until something happens so that is when you bring it in to us. We do a quick check to see if it is the hard drive and we explain the process. In most situations, file recovery can be done in our workshop. It is a slow process that could take hours or even into the next day, depending on how large your hard drive is, and then when we get the results and tell you what we could recover. If you agree, we then start the process which usually takes about a week as we have to recover the files completely, transfer them onto the new hard drive and then make sure everything is running the way their supposed to.

The expensive part about this is when we can't do the work ourselves and we have to send it off to our partners at Kroll Ontrack. This process is free except postage and handling and when they work out what can be recovered, they inform me and if you say yes, you fill out some forms and the work gets underway. Personal files and photos are important to many people and to lose all that is quite heart breaking. The cost of a cleanroom recovery can be as little as $550.00 but for several customers, the price got as high as $1400.00. It is totally up to you and how important your information is. Call us today for a free evaluation.
Vinyl Record Conversion We can pretty much guarantee nearly every second household in Australia would have at least several of the old vinyl records in their possession. Whether it be LP's or 45's and even old audio cassettes. If you are finding it hard to buy that record player that would do the job or you simply don't have the time, bring them to us and we can convert them all over to CDA format (Compact Disc Audio) at quality sound. We do a certain amount of restoration but not everything as we believe that nothing can replace the sound of a record playing hence why we leave some crackling there from the sound of the needle gliding over the vinyl record. In CDA, this allows you to listen to them for hours and hours without doing any damage to the record.

The process is quite simple and very quick and one LP (They are the old 33's), usually takes around 1 to 2 hours but to give us that extra time, we ask you to leave it with us for a day or two. When we have completed the process, you get the album on a CD all in CDA format. If you have one of the small discs, (45's), we recommend that you bring your own USB memory stick so as we can save it for you. If you want us to supply the USB Stick, extra costs will occur. In terms that only us old folk will understand, we can convert all 33, 45 and 78 RPM disks in all sizes including 7", 10" and 12" records. The very very old 78 RPM records are so rare that not many people will have them and even if they did, the age alone would make them impossible to transport as they were made of Bakelite and coated with Shellac (Lacquer?). Throw a Vinyl record at a brick wall and it may chip or even bounce off. Throw the old 78's at a brick wall and it would be like throwing a kitchen dinner plate into it. It would simply smash in a million pieces but if you can get it to us, we can see if the conversion can be done.

The pricing is easy to follow and if you have quite a few records you want done, we can work out special pricing for volume conversions. All pricing is GST inclusive and you get the CD disc included.

7" and 12" 45's (Singles) one side - $30.00 each
7" and 12" 45's (Singles) double side - $35.00 each
12" 33's (LP's) one track only - $35.00 each
12" 33's (LP's) one side - $50.00 each
12" 33's (LP's) double side - $80.00 each
10" and 12" Phonograph records - $40.00 per song
Additional copies - $2.50 each
Same day turn around - add $70.00

Please note that we take no responsibility if any damage occurred to your records, especially the old Phonograph records. All care is taken in the process and we haven't had any breakages to this day. Our equipment is kept up to date and in perfect working order. For audio tapes, we will need to inspect and test the tapes first before any work commences. If the tape is fine, please refer to the pricing list under LP's.

Due to copyright laws, we do not convert any record to MP3 format. If you want this done, you will have to do it on your own. Sorry!
Other Other services also include tutoring to those that need that little bit of education when it comes to computers. A discount of 10% applies to senior card holders and students under the age of 8 years. Most kids today know more about computers than Bill Gates did in the early 1990's so technology has come a long way since then.

Home networking is becoming more popular today and most of it is wireless. If you need a complete wireless setup for your home or your need wireless to your manshed or garage, we can help you out. We also do wired networks for better connection. We don't do business networks anymore but small extensions or repairs are available.

Need your laptop screen replaced or a new keyboard, call us today. (We don't work on mobile phone or Apple computers).

We have the best suppliers in the country and no, we don't order from Ebay, or PC websites as they sell to the public as well so it is just as easy for you to buy products as it is for us. We buy direct from the resellers of the manfacturers and in some cases, from the manufactures themselves, which gives you better prices.

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