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Created in 1991 by Linus Torvalds, the very first Linux operating system (OS) was released to the public of that same year but Linux is just the kernel which people also refer it as the operating system. Windows, on the other hand, it's kernel is called NT but we don't call it that as Microsoft gives their NT releases names like Windows 7 or Windows 11. With the same being said about Linux, we have Ubuntu, Mint and Suse to name a few.

Below are a few Linux versions that is perfect for the beginner that have decided to leave Windows to find a better home. Each has it's own flavors and tastes and out of the box, Linux will work perfect for you but it will take a little bit of learning to use which is no different from moving from Windows7 to Vista or Windows 10 to Windows 11. We will be looking at the start menu, desktop icons, explorer and ease of use as these are the most common practices for everyone.

All the download links will take you off site so please make sure you scan for virus's before installing.

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Linux Versions

As stated above, there a lot of different versions and flavors in Linux to suit anyone's needs.

We have listed, what we believe, to be the best Linux OS's out there and we have placed them in order of our preference. Please note that we have thought of the ease of use and friendliness in terms of Linux Versus Windows. Everyone, though, will have there own choices.

While we have endeavoured to do our best, we have also added in some of the most difficult versions to give you a comparison. This, of cause, depends on what you think is difficult. For some people, you will pick it up faster than others but the point is for people wanting to leave Windows.

Please enjoy our attempt of explaining Linux.

Denlyn Computers recommends scanning for virus's when downloaded. Denlyn Computers takes no responsibility for infected files downloaded from third party sites.

Denlyn Computers recommends Libre Office for Linux

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