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Denlyn Computers recommends
Windows 10


Want a free operating system?
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Expert repairs and sales
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Hardware for computers can be in just about any form including desktop computers, laptops, motherboards, CPU's right through to hard drives.

At Denlyn Computers, we can cover the full range of those items and we normally keep some small items in stock to get people out of trouble. Need a new mouse or keyboard, no problem and even though classed as peripherals, most people still call them hardware. Cabling through to adaptors, it all depends on what you need as it could be replacement memory or a graphics card. We don't carry laptops in stock as they change on a day to day basis and when you buy a brand new one today, there is a more newer version coming out tomorrow but it doesn't take long to arrive if you order through us.

Phone us today if you need anything. Either you can install it or we can do it for you for a very small fee

Windows 10

Denlyn Computers recommends Windows 10 for the lastest and continuous updated Microsoft operating system

Windows 10 PCs

Windows 10 is best on a powerful, modern device.

Windows 10 OS

There's a Windows 10 for everyone. Find yours.


Enjoy the latest Windows 10 features and security.


Microsoft Office

Get Office today. Choose the option that's right for you

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What we can do

A little bit more about what we can do to assist you


1. Computer virus removal services
2. Fix problems with computers crashing
3. Fix blue screen of death errors on PC's
4. Troubleshoot Microsoft Windows problems
5. File recovery services

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6. Replace or repair laptop keyboards
7. Laptop hard drive replacement
8. Replace or Upgrade RAM
9. Repair computers with liquid spill damage
10. Replace noisy PC fans

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11. Clean dusty, over-heating PC's
12. Secure wireless network connecting
13. Speed up slow computers
14. Windows 10 upgrades/installations
15. Complete PC services

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