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For all your free software needs.

You may often hear or read about people hating this app or that one due to it not doing a particular function and in most situations they are correct.

The most important thing to remember here is, it's their app and they most likely designed it to suit their needs. This doesn't mean it is the end of the world as there are many alternatives out there. We have kept this page running for many years now as people do use it. Over the years, we have updated it, changed apps because the designer decided to make money out of it. Another thing to remember, just because it's free, it doesn't put food on their tables. So if you love the app, make a donation or purchase their "Pro" version.

All the download links will take you off site so please make sure you scan for virus's before installing.

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What is Free?

Exactly as it says, Free.

There are many different classifications of free so you will have to be careful on what you search for but at Denlyn Computers, we offer only free software for you to read and download.

First thing you will have to remember is freeware is free to use but limitations are set that differ from the paid version to the free version. The other type is Trial versions where in some cases, it is the full app but it only last for 14 days and in other situations, you might have limited functions and the trial version still only lasts for 14 days or less. Trial versions can also be classed as shareware

While there are apps out there that are legitimate, you have to keep an eye out for spamware. Spamware is freeware but you get bombarded with popups and scam emails and constant reminders of upgrading to the pro version. While we have endeavoured to list some great freeware apps, the likes of Kaspersky free will offer you upgrades but this can be turned off in the settings.

One last note, To find out which is freeware. Linux apps that make Windows versions, are usually the best in which case this is what we offer. If you want, bookmark this page so it is easily accessible.

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