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For all your computer software, contact Denlyn Computers.

Deciding on what you require for your computer is a daunting task for a lot of people. The most common is the operating system but that is standard whenever you purchase a desktop or laptop computer. It's a no brainer as that will most likely be Windows.

But what about an office suite like Microsoft Office which includes Word, Excel and PowerPoint. All that costs money but what about Libre Office? From Operating systems to Office suites and Anti-virus through to Accounting software, Denlyn Computers can order them in for you or better yet, purchase an installation key where you download the product yourself.

If you're not comfortable with doing it yourself, call us and we can have it installed in no time. Also, if you are after free software, you can find some excellent programs here.

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Is Windows 11 the new flagship for Microsoft?

According to Microsoft, it is and with each passing day, it is getting better. Microsoft still currently has the free upgrade available but this will end one day as Microsoft hasn't stipulated an end date but rumour has it, early 2023 will be the end.

When it does happen and you have a compatible computer, you can order Windows 11 through Denlyn Computers as our suppliers have plenty in stock.

Call us today to see what your options are.
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Even for home use, Microsoft Office is a must have.

From Office 365 to having it on disk, it is up to you what you want out of Microsoft Office. As the standard edition comes with Word, Excel, Outlook and Powerpoint, other versions also include Publisher. For the disk versions, you have Home & Student and then you have Home & Business.

Both have advantages and disadvantages but it's what you want that matters.

Not sure which version suits you, call us today.
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Protect your computer now.

Windows Security is good but it's not the best. For full protection, a paid anti-virus is a must have where it can protect you from virii, malware, spyware, phishing, and email protection. It also protects your data, scans web pages, files, software, applications and even your network.

No one intentionally gets infected but programs like Norton, Kaspersky, Trend Micro and Bull Guard will prevent innocent mistakes from happening.

Disks and key purchases available so call us today to order your protection.
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Sick of Windows?

Linux has been around well before Windows 95 and in it's early days, it was a very awkward OS to use, but jump thirty years into the future, Linux is everywhere.

With Linux found on mobile phones (Android) and basically any device in todays society, it is far more popular than you think. Along with all that, Linux also has free operating systems like Zorin, Mint and Ubuntu to name a few.
To find out more, visit our Linux page where we explain the different versions.

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