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What makes Linux an alternative choice to Windows and Apple?
Ever since Unix was created back in the 70's, Apple's iOS and OS X still use Unix and in fact, Windows first OS was called Xenix and was Unix. Even the Windows 95, 98 and ME operating systems are classed as DOS, in reality was Unix based. This all changed when NT came into the world but lets be a little frank here, somewhere in NT, Unix is there.

People have heard of Apple, iOS, OS X and Android and understanding that many people out there know this, there are just as many that have never heard of Unix let alone Linux. While Android maybe the biggest selling OS, Windows is still the stronger out of them all.

In this small edition, we will explain a few things about Linux that may interest you.Just before you decide to jump in and convert to Linux, just remember, it will be a whole new learning experience for you but the rewards will be endless.

Windows 10 Review

For epic failures, Microsoft takes the cake for many of their versions of Windows. We won't fuss over the good versions because we all know them but Windows 98, ME, Vista, 8 and 8.1 take the cake for a company to have failures on a regular basis.

You might be thinking how cruel we are but it's what the people have stated by way of their frustration with Microsoft. Windows 98 failed so Microsoft quickly rushed out Windows 98SE. Then Windows ME nearly had everyone moving over to Apple and on it continues.

Now this is where we get soft. Windows Vista, perhaps a very hated OS by many, was actually a brilliant operating system that demanded too much from the user/owner. What about Windows 10? Loved at first, and then rejected by mllions, the latest updated version may well be turning the tides for Microsoft but is it still a version for children?



Free Stuff



The old cliche about "Nothing is for free" might be an over-statement. Almost
everything to do with computers, you have to pay for, even most of the good apps
for Windows 10. Even though a lot of apps and programs out there are free to use, you still have to consider the money you spend for the internet to download them. Free to a certain
point but you need an internet connection.

At Denlyn Computers, we are always in search of free programs that are worth
using so click on the link below to see what we have for offer.

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