Final Thoughts

In a world where we grew up with Windows, Linux seems so far away and difficult. If the rolls had been reversed and Linux succeeded where Windows failed, We would be using Linux today and it would be so much more advanced than what Windows could ever accomplish. As for Linux, we have the likes of RedHat making billions of dollars a year through networking and servers while the little people make ends meet by donations or phone assistance. While Linux stands apart from each other, Linux will never succeed unless something drastic happens to Microsoft.

Being achievable and so close to the truth, if all the Linux communities got together and created an entire new operating system that could run any program in the world on it, to be just as secure and the most important, being Linux, they would be able to sell it and the people would flock to it. While Linux is the biggest threat to Microsoft, it only holds .5% of the market for operating systems while Windows has 36% and then Android with 40%. (Stats - March 2018)

It is this seperation that Linux must contend with and being a hobby will not cut the chase if they want to succeed. This world is run by money and money is needed to put food on the table and having a free operating system doesn't feed the minions. So is Linux popular? The stats truly do not show the exact amount and hidden deep down is possibly the largest operating system installed in the world and that isn't including Android. Statistic sites such as StatCounter use web browsers to determine the OS but in China, it has been proven that two thirds of Windows are pirate copies which should be removed from the statistics but as this is difficult to determine, the stats remain as is.

There is no exact science to determine who has the best OS. Basing everything on sales shouldn't be used because Linux is free. Basing it on downloads can be corrupted where someone might download it a dozen times a day. Multiply that and you have a false count. Buy a copy of Windows and do 500 pirate copies and that is another method to corrupt the stats. Until a method is created to get exact numbers, it may be a surprise to the world that Linux has 60% of the OS market.

So is Linux for you? Definately.

In todays world and the home computer, most people surf the net, check emails and chat on Facebook. They rarely use it for anything else so why do you need Windows? Smart phones are handy but they are just phones to play with. Companies have turned a small plain device into a gaming device that uses endless internet data but you can't create what can be done on a computer. All those apps you see out there is done on a desktop or laptop computer but with Linux, there is always an alternative program to what you use on Windows. There will always be the odd program that cannot be compensated to something else but with Wine or PlayOnLinux, these can run smoothly on Linux. Just remember, if it works, it works. If it doesn't, then don't try too hard as you will just pull your hair out in anger.

If you are keen, start with Linux Mint. You will be amazed at how easy Linux has become and out of the box, Mint works flawlessly, which is unlike Windows 10.

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